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We recently described a case study of our cooperation with As a reminder, the platform is a tool to help companies onboard new employees. In addition, the platform also aims to streamline processes related not only to recruiting new people, but also supporting people already working in the company. The originators of the solution are Paweł and Grzegorz from the software house Code Lighthouse.

After completing the project, we asked Paweł and Grzegorz for feedback regarding the work of our testers.

Grzegorz was not afraid of working with our testers from the very beginning. He knows perfectly well that some “defects” are superpowers. That’s what he thought of the asperIT team, and that’s how it was. Paweł also confirmed that working with us affirmed that neuro-atypical people indeed have an amazing talent for testing. The asperIT testers started testing the platform without any problems, despite the very little information that was provided at the very beginning of the cooperation. The surprise for our customer was that, in addition to the large number of tests performed, they were done very meticulously. The asperIT team thoroughly tested the application for any instances that could later have negative consequences when launching the product.

One thing that posed a slight obstacle was testing “too deeply” sometimes. There were also times when, for our customers, certain tests should have already been completed, while the asperIT team continued to work on them because the testers wanted to analyze a particular case as thoroughly as possible. This is what demonstrates the meticulousness and thoroughness, which are characteristics of people on the autism spectrum. However, thanks to a skilled test manager, as well as the soft support of our therapist, it is possible to communicate efficiently with our team and close threads that, from the customer’s point of view, should already be left as they are.

From the technical point of view, the cooperation was rated as good. Thanks to the fact that we ourselves proposed the appropriate tools for reporting the tests, they were able to start very quickly, and our testers got to work right away. It should be emphasized here that we have the tools in place to enable us to start work as soon as possible. If, on the other hand, the customer has its own solutions or procedures in place, then we are also able to adapt to them.

To sum up the cooperation, the tests for Woonity were a great success for our asperIT team. Our testers were able to demonstrate their logical and analytical thinking skills. For our customer, the number of tests performed and their completeness was certainly a big surprise. Woonity received a detailed report from us, part of which we presented in an earlier post.


Once again, we would like to thank Paweł Ożga and Grzegorz Marchwiński for the trust they showed us. We are glad that we could help test the web platform and that our work gave them such a tangible result.