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We were recently invited to participate in the Devsession podcast hosted by Grzegorz Kotfis.

We are glad that we had the opportunity to talk not only about the asperIT project, but also about the autism spectrum. Our goal as a foundation, in addition to professionally activating neuro-atypical people, is to raise awareness about what autism is, how it manifests itself, and what problems people on the autism spectrum face.

In the podcast, we explain the situation of the foundation and try to illustrate what work looks like at different stages of the project. We also recalled the Warsaw edition and how it went. We also talked about our beginnings and where the idea of activating people on the autism spectrum to work in the IT industry came from. We also let out the secret in the context of our plans for 2021.

Why neuro-atypical people and the IT industry? “They are natural-born testers,” says Pawel Kazienko.
If you want to learn more, listen to the podcast.

The following people talked about it:
• Paweł Kazienko – main trainer in the asperIT project and manager of the asperIT testing team
• Jacek Śmigiel – main tutor in the asperIT project
• Błażej Knapik – asperIT project coordinator
• Tomasz Jasiński – CEO of the Management Board of the European Foundation for Social Activation EFAS, the asperIT project operator.