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Testing for – a case study of our work for a customer

We recently had the great pleasure of working for

The platform is a tool to help companies onboard new employees. In addition, the platform also aims to streamline processes related not only to recruiting new people, but also supporting people already working in the company.

We collaborated on the project with the developers of the system: Paweł and Grzegorz from the software house Code Lighthouse.

The work of our testers from asperIT made it possible to detect many bugs and faults within the platform. This is normal and obvious, especially at such an early stage of system development.

Some of the information from the report is included below.

General information

Type of project: Web application to assist in the onboarding process.

Scope of testing: Exploratory testing (based on test case design, but without a test basis in the form of a requirements specification)

Order specifications: An asap order due to planned go-live.

The order in numbers

  • Number of official system specifications received: 0
  • Number of unofficial system specifications received: 6 sentences
  • Number of tests designed under the order: 255
  • Number of defects found: 127
  • Total work time on the order: 96h

Test cases

a. Scope of testing – in general

b. Test cases – Logging

c. Test cases – Account creation

d. Test cases – CRUD

e. Test cases – Limitations of the free version


a. Defects – in general

b. Defects – by Validity

c. Defects – by Category

d. Defects – by Priority

e. Defects – by Final status

After completing our work in testing the web software in this project, we asked the customer for feedback, which we will share in the next post.