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Consultation, tutoring and coaching for neurodiversity teams

The topic of managing neurodiverse employees is relatively new. It is therefore difficult to require leaders and managers to understand every situation that may occur when working with an employee on the autism spectrum. Management methods that are effective in a typical team do not always work. At asperIT, we know that it takes knowledge, the right approach and an understanding of atypical needs to manage employees on the autism spectrum well.

How to wisely support the development of a neuroatypical team?

For companies that employ neuroatypical employees, we offer tutoring, consultation and coaching for employees in the spectrum and direct colleagues. This is one of the paths of the Strategy we have developed to effectively build neurodiversity in companies. It is available to both those who have previously used our services (learning pathway, analysis pathway or recruitment pathway) and those who have gained knowledge about autism and how to deal with neuroatypical workers on their own.

Our tutors have been working with people on the autism spectrum and with Asperger’s syndrome for more than a dozen years. It is worth benefiting from their experience. They will look at the current situation in the company and help employees to solve current problems. They will also provide support and intervention at crisis moments and guide you in the right direction for your professional development within the organisation.

Our advisor will help you choose the right form of support and consultation

What you need to know about autism and neurodiversity,
to be an asset to your business?

At asperIT, we were the first in Poland to create a strategy for building neurodiversity in companies and organisations.
These are three levels of acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge, the implementation of which is essential to make the most of a diverse team:

Level I: Provides key information about autism and the characteristics of people on the autism spectrum and necessary workplace adaptations.

Level II: Prepares employee to work directly with a person on the spectrum. Learning about communication strategies, recruitment, work organisation and support.

Level III: Creats tailored-made solutions to work with a specific employee on the autism spectrum or with Asperger’s syndrome in your company.

At asperIT, we support companies in three ways through:

Specialist consultation for the employee
on the autism spectrum

Counselling, mediation and tutoring for people on the autism spectrum aims to find new solutions to difficult work situations. It’s about learning how to report and solve problems before they turn into a crisis in the team.

Coaching for people on the autism spectrum

Coaching is the process of working on oneself and on how to deal with the difficulties experienced. It enables people on the autism spectrum or with Asperger’s syndrome to build desirable habits. It enables them to understand their role in the company, facilitates daily functioning and allows them to support their professional and personal development.

Consultation for colleagues of people on the autism spectrum

Consultation provides support in communicating with a specific, neuroatypical person in the company. It helps to understand their situation and facilitate the organisation of the team’s work. Through consultation, colleagues of people on the autism spectrum learn to recognise impending difficulties and prevent crises.

Consultation and tutoring may take place one-off or in a subscription to be used at a convenient time. Tutoring and coaching can be an employee benefit through which an employee is supported and develops his or her competences. Through this, the employer gains a loyal employee who, by making full use of his or her abilities, builds the strength of the company.

Meet our specialists

Jacek Śmigiel
Head of tutors, social skills trainer and job coach. Therapist for people on the autism spectrum. He is the author of the training methods within the asperIT programme. Since 2005, she has provided training in support, diagnosis and therapy for people on the spectrum. He is a mentor and tutor for managers in working with people on the spectrum and a tutor for people on the spectrum. Supports the adaptation of people in neurodiverse syndromes.

Ewa Druszcz
Psychologist, certified social skills trainer. Since 2014 deals with support, therapy and psychological diagnosis – including for people on the autism spectrum. She provides one-to-one tuition, training and workshops and group processes. She uses tools to strengthen the emotional and social spheres and to bring out individual potential and work with resources. She supports recruiters and leaders and HR departments in building and developing diverse teams.

Grzegorz Korzeniowski
A coach and experienced manager who, through working in a variety of industries, is able to look at the broader perspective of the actions taken in teams. He built sales, recruitment and executive teams from scratch. As part of her work at asperIT, he accompanies neurotypical employees as well as employees on the autism spectrum in their personal and professional development path.

Do you have an unusual problem?

Do you have an unusual problem?

Would you like support from a specialist in working with a person on the autism spectrum and don’t find the answers in the solutions above?