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How to increase the profit of an online store?

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented increase in transactions made online. Social isolation has caused the profits of online stores to increase significantly, and the number of stores has increased. How to take advantage of this trend to further maximize profits? Unfortunately, not all online stores generate satisfactory sales results on a monthly basis. Despite spending money on advertising and positioning, some stores record abnormally fewer transactions than their competitors. What could be the reasons for this situation?

Common mistakes of online stores

The Achilles’ heel of many stores is UX and UI, or usability aspects. It is a rare practice to include people such as software testers or web application testers. As a result, many stores allocate high budgets to gaining web traffic, while some of the store’s functionality does not work. 

Crucial elements in e-commerce

The most important place in any online store is the shopping cart. If there are errors in the shopping cart when the site works, then most of the advertising budget will not be able to pay off. Coding the site once is not enough to make sure the shopping cart is functioning properly. A common mistake is to test the site only on your own computer. In order to prepare the store well for seamless sales, it should be tested in many ways. Tests should be done on all possible browsers and as many screen widths as possible. If you have a mobile application, then you should also test it regularly. The best person to do this job will be a mobile application tester.

Software testing: in-house vs. outsourced

A well-functioning online store has a greater impact on profits than a well-optimized Google Ads campaign. In an e-commerce environment, the norm is that marketing is carried out by an agency or a dedicated subcontractor. When it comes to software testing, it is a good idea to use the same approach. It is important that the testing of the store is comprehensive (covering all possible devices) and regular. It is a repetitive and time-consuming activity, so by the same token, it is ideal to outsource it. Every entrepreneur should focus on developing their business instead of performing repetitive activities.

Benefits of systematic testing in an online store

Stores that regularly test their functionality enjoy much higher sales conversions. If you are confident that your store is functioning properly, then you can focus on implementing new promotional offers, product recommendations, and communication with customers.