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What does the job of an application tester look like?

A tester walks into a bar, and orders a beer. Eight beers. He walks away from the bar, walks back up and orders half a beer. 2563557778 beers. The square root of two beers. Minus four beers. An elephant in a hat. N’Zotha. This little anecdote, although perhaps a bit exaggerated, helps to show what a tester’s job is in companies developing various types of applications.

What is a software tester in Scrum?

Many software development companies have adopted a management methodology called Scrum. It allows for the creation of a product, even if it is not entirely clear how it should look in the final version. Software developers are given descriptions of how certain functions should work in the application, and what results the customer wants to achieve. Only on this basis is the code prepared, which eventually becomes the basis of the product. This approach does not envisage the role of a software tester in the organization, i.e., someone who verifies that the application and its functions work properly. By definition, all roles are interchangeable with each other – everyone should be able to write functionality and test it. However, many teams choose to hire a specialist tester. If only to ensure that employees develop in the areas where they do best.

What does a web application tester’s day look like?

The tasks performed by a web or mobile application tester depend on what stage of development the application is in. In an ideal world, a new version of the app is released once every two weeks, including certain features. This time is called a sprint. During this time, the tester should find time to create a test plan for new features, prepare test cases (when it resembles the hero of the anecdote from the introduction), analyze bugs reported by the customer, or test integration. A web app tester doesn’t just check whether new features work as they should, but also whether new elements don’t negatively affect existing ones.

Are you ready to become a mobile app tester?

Importantly, they must have certain communication skills. Not only during the daily status review meetings, but also when interacting with customers or other team members. The task of an app tester is not to search for errors forcibly, but criticizing the work of others will also be some part of it. This does not mean, of course, that the tester does not need technical skills. The best candidate is the one who combines all these abilities, adding their imagination, and the ability to plan and get into the role of the end user of the application. After all, in the final analysis, they are the ones who will check how the application works before it reaches the customer or the user.