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Our work is not only focused on supporting people with autism, but also on developing the IT industry and supporting companies that want to increase their awareness of employees on the autism spectrum.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of our team of tutors, we are able to help the company adapt to the specifics of people on the autism spectrum and adjust the conditions in the organization. One such company is Boeing. It was for Boeing, based in Gdańsk, that we conducted training on hiring people on the autism spectrum. The training was conducted by Jacek Śmigiel, who is Head of Tutors at asperIT. 

Boeing also decided to support the #ASpirujemy conference on employing people on the autism spectrum organized by us. Boeing representatives Maja Tomczak and Kamila Ożga talked about the company’s approach to hiring people on the autism spectrum and the steps the company has taken so far in this direction. 

As part of the local initiative of the Diversity & Inclusion Council Poland, we had the pleasure of working with asperIT in organizing a webinar on the topic of autism in the workplace. The asperIT team became known as passionate experts who understand the needs of both their beneficiaries and employers. The presentation prepared by asperIT helped our team gain a basic understanding of the autism spectrum, how to recruit autistic individuals, and how to leverage the potential of neuro-atypical teams,” – writes Boeing in its official statement thanking us for the cooperation.