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Test automation. What does an automation tester do?

An automation tester is a person who operates a number of tools that allow rapid and comprehensive testing of a given piece of software using numerous variables. Their activities can be invaluable for verifying the quality of a given program and creating effective feedback on what there is to improve. Such an expert can also make an invaluable contribution to optimizing other software processes – their experience is very valuable in evaluating projects and optimizing the creation of new solutions.

Who exactly is an automation tester?

Test automation is a procedure that allows the execution of a wide variety of tests aimed at analyzing the interactions taking place between the system and, for example, the user, in the most efficient and detailed way possible. An automation tester is a person who initially determines potential test areas, prepares appropriate (automated) tools to test their operation, and prepares analysis and conclusions about the performance of a given program. This can be a web application tester, mobile application tester, or a person who specializes in any area of software performance verification, while having extensive knowledge of how to prepare automated test procedures. Their contribution to improving software performance includes a series of tests that are carried out synthetically – without the intervention of a manual tester, checking a huge number of variables in a very short period of time. This has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of test procedures and their execution time.

Automation tester – are their actions worth the price?

Paying for the services of an automation tester requires more financial resources than paying for the services of a manual tester. However, keep in mind that their work is often of greater value – they do not carry out the testing procedure themselves, but create conditions for numerous operations of this type – so in long-term conditions, their services can be very valuable. This type of specialist often has more advanced competencies, which makes it easier for them to communicate with the development team and make suggestions. However, this comes at a price. Software test outsourcing companies that have such specialists in their ranks provide their services at a higher cost than those relying on manual testers. The implementation of automated testers should therefore be preceded by an analysis of whether such an operation is profitable.

Automation tester – a profession with huge market potential?

The demand for automation testers is quite high. However, the need to assimilate knowledge of various aspects of IT and the independent ability to program, creates quite a barrier to entry into this sector. People who become automatic testers are good at analyzing the software under development, are skilled in manual testing (automatic procedures will be mainly based on this experience), and show great attention to detail.