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asperIT is working very hard to raise awareness among employers and companies on the topic of hiring employees on the spectrum.

One of the customers we had the pleasure of working with this year was Santander Bank Polska. 

On the occasion of April 2, which marks World Autism Awareness Day, the bank’s employees had the opportunity to take part in a webinar we organized entitled “The world in blue colors – learn what autism is”, carried out as part of the Differently Abled project. The meeting, which we conducted, was divided into two parts. The first was open to all willing employees, while we addressed the second meeting to managers and HR representatives. We talked about recruiting and hiring people on the autism spectrum.  

“Autism spectrum is a manifestation of neuro-diversity. It’s a set of characteristics that are worth knowing and understanding. The emotional and intellectual potential that we share with the world is only ours. Unique, one and only, inimitable. Let’s not assume that others think, feel and hear the same way. It may be obvious, but why is it sometimes so difficult…”- says Maria Wlaźlak, Director of Ethics and Relationships. 

Santander Bank Polska approached our training very responsibly and with commitment. We believe that the knowledge will remain in the organization. We hope that there will be more brave companies that want to learn about autism issues and how to employ people on the spectrum.