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In connection with the start of recruitment for the project, there is a whole bunch of questions from potential participants. Our therapists decided to answer them during the briefing held on September 27, 2017, at the headquarters of the Wroclaw NGO Support Sector 3 Center.

Below is a collection of the most popular questions and answers that were asked during the meeting. In order to preserve anonymity, the content of the questions has been slightly modified, while preserving the substance of the statements.

Can a person aged 32 apply to the asperIT project?

Answer: The first edition of asperIT, which is currently being implemented, is a pilot project carried out thanks to funding from the "Action Incubation" grant project. External funding imposes some restrictions on us. One of them is age, as participants must be between 18 and 27 years old. However, we encourage everyone to register using the application form. In future editions of asperIT, we want to expand the group. When we do, we will contact those who have already applied first.

One person interested in participating in asperIT, is currently working abroad. Of course, the person is able to take a vacation and come to Wrocław for the duration of the training; however, doesn't the permanent stay outside Poland eliminate the person from participating in the project?

Answer: The cited example does not prevent a person from taking part in the project. During the recruitment process, our therapists wish to conduct a one-on-one interview with the potential candidates. The default form of such an interview is a Skype call. Thus, distances are no obstacle. Also, for the training stage, we are able to match the needs and capabilities of our recipients. The detailed dates of training will be clarified after one-on-one conversations, which will undoubtedly make arrangements related to potential time off easier.

What can asperIT offer me?

Answer: The goal of the asperIT pilot project is to prepare 10 people with Asperger's Syndrome or high-functioning Autism to work as software testers in the IT industry. The selected 10 persons will be given the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive training developing social skills, group work, and functioning in the environment of an IT company (scope coordinated by therapists) and IT skills, in particular those necessary for the profession of a tester (scope coordinated by IT professionals, commercially this type of training costs at least PLN 2,500). Upon completion of training, all of these people will receive a relevant certificate certifying the acquisition of the necessary skills. It opens the way to a career as an IT tester. People with such qualifications are in high demand in the Wrocław labor market. In addition, at least 4 people from the group undergoing training will have the opportunity to complete an internship with a leader in the testing market in Poland. This will allow them to acquire invaluable experience that will undoubtedly pay off at further stages of their careers.

Do you guarantee employment after the training?

Answer: No. The purpose of our project is not to guarantee employment. People with Asperger's Syndrome all over the world are extremely desirable employees in the IT industry. After proper preparation, which we try to provide, they are able to achieve amazing results in their work and be highly efficient. We want to offer our recipients the prospect of self-reliance, which excludes the possibility of providing a job at the end of the project. A person who passes all the stages of asperIT will gain the necessary skills (technical and social) to start a completely new career path on their own.

What skills are required to join the training, and then to start working as an IT tester

Answer: The most important thing is enthusiasm for work. Interests related to the IT industry are highly desirable. Our content partner has extensive experience in training IT testers. The proprietary training program they have developed is characterized by the high flexibility of the target group. Past examples show that people from completely different backgrounds, with completely different professional or personal experiences, are able – after completing the course – to be successful testers. There are no special requirements when it comes to IT knowledge due to the fact that all the necessary knowledge will be provided during the training.

My daughter doesn't like to flaunt her Asperger's Syndrome diagnosis. Can she expect to have her desire respected during the project?

Answer: Prominent Asperger's Syndrome research specialist Tony Attwood used to say to his patients, "Congratulations, you have Asperger's Syndrome." One of asperIT's strategic goals is to educate the public. We want to show that people described in this way do indeed stand out among society, but not in a negative, but a positive sense. We want to help such people find their strengths. They are appreciated all over the world, but as of today in our country, the level of awareness of these aspects is quite low. Of course, we will take into account and respect every need of our recipients. However, in our opinion, there is no reason for any negativity as far as Asperger's Syndrome is concerned.

10 people is a very small number of places. The number of interested people can drastically exceed it. Do you plan to hold more editions of asperIT?

Answer: Yes, we plan to hold further editions. Therefore, we encourage everyone to apply. We would like to inform those who have already applied about the next editions before we inform anyone else. We will most likely announce the details in late February/early March next year.