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Recruitment for the next edition of our project asperIT has started! After the success of the Wrocław editions, we have decided to expand our reach and start in Warsaw – that’s where the next installment of our program will take place! 

Why should you apply?

We activate people with Asperger’s Syndrome and on the autism spectrum to work in the IT industry as software testers. Our foundation grew from a wealth of experience in the IT sector, which we managed to transfer to the idea of a pioneering project for the search of people gifted in the area of IT. This is a unique opportunity for all those who are looking for a new professional path, development, and self-improvement opportunities not only in the professional field, but also in everyday life! What’s more, our training courses give you the opportunity to approach the ISTQB certification test, organized by our partner – Information Systems Quality Association. 

What is our goal? 

  • prepare you for work as a tester
  • make it possible to take up an internship in the IT industry
  • create a real opportunity to gain future employment in the IT industry

Who are we looking for? 

  • people with autism spectrum disorders from the age of 16
  • people able to participate in classes in Warsaw
  • people fond of working with computers and interested in the IT industry

What do we offer? 

  • classes preparing for the role of an employee (training in social skills)
  • participation in training, preparing for work as an IT tester
  • taking the ISTQB certification exam
  • internship in a professional IT software testing company
  • the opportunity to find employment in the IT industry
  • making new friends
  • friendly atmosphere
  • expert support throughout the project

There is no remuneration for participating in the project.

How did it come about? 

The idea for asperIT grew out of business. The core of the foundation comes from experience in the IT industry, where our founders have been operating for many years. We decided to translate our business knowledge into a socially responsible idea. We wanted to use our experience in this industry to open up careers for people on the autism spectrum. This is how the European Foundation for Social Activation (EFAS) was created, with the main goal being the implementation of this idea in our country. 

Our activities have brought great results – 3 editions of the project in Wrocław, that is, more than 100 hours of training conducted. Almost 50 participants took part in them, 21 of whom became fully prepared to work in the IT industry. This is a great motivation for us to act – because the successes of our beneficiaries are the best reward for our everyday work! 

People are the most important part of our project. We create opportunities for them to grow, integrate socially, and to start a career in an industry where the demand for trained professionals is constantly growing. What sets us apart is that in addition to tools in the form of IT knowledge, we also provide soft skills training – which, especially for autistic people, is extremely important. This ensures that they are comprehensively prepared both to work as IT testers and to function in a new environment. It often happens that due to communication barriers, individuals give up on pursuing their goals, but we follow one principle – where others see limitations, we see potential!

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