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asperIT is a diverse people

About us

The world of IT is characterised by the fact that it attracts people from different worlds. This is also the case with asperIT. In our team, we bring together people with broad and diverse backgrounds which believe in building socially responsible businesses and want to support other companies in using undervalued human resources.

We have put a premium on skills, knowledge and experience of our employees, rather than who they are or what label can be assigned to them. Regardless of gender, skin colour, neurotypicality and views – we draw on diversity!

Our company grew out of the activities of the asperIT Foundation, where we train and activate people on the autism spectrum professionally.
Since we have known the potential of neurodiverse people, the quality of their work, and experienced how powerfully it develops a work in a neurodiverse team, we can’t imagine working any other way ever again.

For us, a diagnosis of autism is only a guideline on how to support and manage the team, it is not a restriction on doing the job. People on the spectrum and beneficiaries of asperIT Foundation projects are employed as software testers.

Where others see limitations, we see potential!

Meet our team

Paweł Wojtyczka

Tomasz Jasiński

Maciej Buchaniewicz

Grzegorz Korzeniowski
CSO/Head of Coaching

Paweł Kazienko
Szef działu testów,
QA manager

Tutor, trener pracy, mentor

Jacek Śmigiel
Head of tutors,
job trainer

Angelika Michalak
Project manager, marketing specialist

Karolina Zych

Manager of IT projects

Błażej Knapik
Project coordinator

Zuzanna Kokoszka
Administration specialist

Ewa Druszcz
Psychologist, job trainer

Małgorzata Ganowska
Administration specialist

Paweł Michalski
Marketing specialist

Meet our neuronontypical professionals

Joanna Alabaster

Konrad Kołodziejczyk

Jędrzej Tomaszewski

Marcel Zagórski

Michał Osowski

Łukasz Wójcicki

Marek Kiełbasiewicz

Filip Dziarmaga

The person we hire thanks to you

Do you have an idea for working with us or want to get to know us better?

Do you have an idea for working with us or would you like to get to know us better?