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10Clouds x asperIT

10Clouds is ready to hire people on the autism spectrum

For almost six months, the apserIT team worked closely with 10Clouds to test whether 10Clouds’ processes, work environment and communications, as well as the employees themselves, are prepared to work with people on the autism spectrum

These activities resulted in prepering 10Clouds to work consciously and effectively with neurodiverse employees. By combining an employee-friendly company culture with the expertise of asperIT, we can say that 10Clouds is fully ready to hire specialists on the autism spectrum.

As asperIT’s activities consised of:

  • Raising awareness among company employees about autism, how people on the spectrum function, and how to support neurodiverse employees in their teams.
  • Helping 10Clouds employees to notice areas in their communications and ongoing processes that needed to be developed and adjusted so that working conditions corresponded to the needs of neuronontypical employees.

If you would like to find out more about how the collaboration was going, take a look at our blog.

10Clouds supports #neurodiversity! And what about your company? Does it take needs of neurodiverse people into account?

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