Why us?


Exceptional people in IT for special tasks

Who are we?

Every company is people. And that is no different for us. But in our case, a term called “diversity” has a really special meaning.We successfully combine the world of IT with the world of NGOs, psychologists, therapists and – most importantly – people on the autism spectrum. Many people still think stereotypically about then. We see it differently, however, and our results in working for business clients prove one thing – our alumni are exceptionally capable and work extremely effectively. Their out-of-the-box approach to solving various complex problems brings additional value that other standard companies cannot provide.

We combine our years of IT experience with the unique potential of extraordinary people. Find out how unusual people can improve your IT systems and business.

Find out first

What is asperIT?

Before we hired our testers, they took part in the asperIT project, implemented by our Foundation. This project is fully adapted and dedicated to people on the autism spectrum. From the very recruitment process, through training and finally to the internship.

The beneficiaries of asperIT are comprehensively prepared for work because:

  • They received social training, which is a key aspect in the case of neuronontypical people – this allows them to communicate efficiently with the client, the test manager, and the team.
  • Completed IT training, which prepared them for the ISTQB exam and for working as a software tester.
  • Undergone apprenticeship and internship, which allowed them to learn how to write and execute test cases.

The skills that people on the spectrum have been their great potential. They do well in jobs that require concentration and accuracy, based on repetition, and where a good memory for facts and figures is valued. This translates into a high level of IT skills. These are the qualities required to work in the IT industry.

Our team

Jacek Śmigiel asperIT

Jacek Śmigiel


Karolina Zych asperIT

Karolina Zych

Account Manager

Paweł Wojtyczka asperIT

Paweł Wojtyczka

Business Developer, CEO

Tomasz Jasiński asperIT

Tomek Jasiński

President of asperIT Foundation

Paweł Kazienko asperIT

Paweł Kazienko

Test Project Manager

Błażej Knapik asperIT

Błażej Knapik

Coordinator of asperIT.org project