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The effect of many years of our hard work are trained people with Asperger Syndrome, to whom we gave not only wide knowledge in the field of application testing (both web and mobile) but also soft skills, so much needed by them to work in the IT industry. Thanks to the work of many people we show that Asperger Syndrome, or autism in general, does not have to be a judgment for people who want to work and perform manual testing, deal with software testing, or – more broadly – work in the IT industry.

Over time, we also came to the conclusion that training for the position of “software tester” was not the end of our ambitions. Therefore, as a foundation, we started to employ our beneficiaries and perform a service we call “testing as a service”, or TaaS. We currently have a team of people working for us, where all of them are beneficiaries of our courses. We have the potential to expand this team with more testers. Our employees are able to perform the following services for companies, among others:

  • SYSTEM TESTS: Comprehensive verification of compliance of the already integrated system with the requirements established in the previous sections
  • ACCEPTANCE TESTS: Acquiring formal confirmation of software development of sufficient quality.
  • INTEGRATION TESTS: Evaluation of the compatibility of a system or component with specified functional requirements.
  • FUNCTIONAL TESTS: Detection of implementation errors of functionalities included in the requirements specification. Performed at all levels of testing and for confirmatory testing.
  • REGRESSION TESTS: Verification of the changes impact on the entire system operation, performed when implementing new functionalities.
  • DIGITAL ACCESSIBILITY TESTS: Evaluation of the selected website’s compliance with legal requirements for a site for the digitally excluded.

The whole team is mentored by Paweł Kazienko, a test manager with over 17 years of experience. It also shows that our services are provided in a fully professional way. Moreover, “soft” support for our team is provided by Jacek Śmigiel, our tutor in asperIT project and therapist with over 20 years of experience.

All this makes our team complementary, and thanks to our years of experience in software testing and working with people on the autism spectrum we achieve results much better than if we hired typical people.


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